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Magnetic Pressure Valves

The magnetically retained fast-response pressure relief valve is designed to fully open at precise cracking pressures, operating in fully open/fully closed manner. NASA technology uses a magnetically controlled relief valve in substitute of traditional spring-based relief valves.


Our valve is be custom designed for your specific engineering application. We work jointly with technical teams in understanding your precise requirements and address them using our novel patented technology. Every challenging opportunity is welcome. Kindly contact us right away.


The magnetically retained pressure relief valve is a significant improvement of standard spring mechanism pressure valves.
Valve eliminates the need for a spring by instead incorporating magnets to hold the poppet relief valve in the closed position.

  • Fully on/fully off valve operation at design pressure
  • Improved crack pressure accuracy at low operating pressure
  • Reduced maintenance in corrosive environments
  • Handles larger flow rates and larger range of pressure values
  • Most spring valves are susceptible to corrosion, when left in the fluid environment over long period of time. This corrosion can change the crack pressure of the relief device and requires the relief device to be serviced frequently.
  • Spring based relief valves require increasing pressure and force to continually compress the spring and open the relief valve, which complicates the design requirement of the system relief mechanism.
Magnetic pressure valve open and closed
Magnetic pressure valve open and closed

One Pressure Opening

Use of magnets enables relief valve to rapidly fully open at a set pressure with accuracy and high forces for large cracking pressure.

Ease In Design

Correlation between flow rate and pressure data is not required.
Curve fitting to empirical curves is not required.

Wide Material Selection

The body of the valve can be metallic or non-metallic. The material should allow magnetic field to flow and maintain the flow pressure in the cap.

Temperature Accommodation

-250 Deg C to 290 Deg C in comparison to conventional pressure valve

Substantial High Force Increase

Spring force increases proportional to the linear distance of movement which results in high pressure before fully opening in addition to handling larger flow rates.

Basic Manufacturing And Joining Via Threading

Forces can be designed by magnet size, material, and quality


The magnetically retained pressure relief valve is a significant improvement of standard spring mechanism pressure valves. Valve eliminates the need for a spring by instead incorporating magnets to hold the poppet relief valve in the closed position. The technology utilizes magnets to open the relief valve by harnessing the magnetic field decay between the two magnets when separated. This leads to a faster acting valve that does not require an increasing force to open the relief valve after cracking pressure has been surpassed, as is the case in standard pressure relief valves.

The magnetic pressure valves includes a housing having a fluid inlet and at least one fluid outlet. There are two magnetic structures in the housing of the valve, which are magnetically attracted to one another. One magnetic structure is immovable and affixed near the fluid inlet. The other magnetic structure is coupled to a piston. The size of the outlet chamber(s) is defined by the piston’s stroke.

Our Team

    Frank Oliver


    Frank is a physicist cross trained in both electrical and mechanical engineering with broad business experience in a wide range of technology. As a technology executive, with many years of industry experience in various executive roles including Chief Engineer, CTO and CEO, Frank has been involved with both commercial and government technology programs and start-up planning and execution. Notable industry activities include: Principle Investigator on SBIR Programs in Smart Grid, Systems Health, and Software Based Decision Support for systems engineering; Product and service development leading to corporate diversification and growth; Engineering and Research Engineer for Laser Systems; Energetic Materials; and Titanium processing through the DARPA Titanium Program.

    Frank represents ATV as an entrepreneur in residence at The Oregon Health & Science University. He has also served as a participant in advisory boards for the University of Arizona, including; Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise (JGRE), strategic planning for US Navy adoption of Alternative Energy Systems; and for development of UAS Standards with the RTCA, an advisory organization for the FAA. In the aerospace industry, Frank is familiar with DO-160, DO-178, and DO-254 qualification standards for aircraft systems and equipment and ISO and AS9100 quality systems.

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        Tom Despres has an MBA from Campbell University in North Carolina and a BBA in Production Management from Ohio University. His background includes deep experience in electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing in Telecommunications, Networking and Data Storage. He has led global teams in Operations, Supply Chain and Manufacturing for more than 25 years. Building on his Operations tenure, he also has VP experience in Global Account Management for accounts totaling close to 0M at the second largest Contract Manufacturing company in the world. He’s been an entrepreneur, a leadership trainer and an author.

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                ​Mr. Park has closed several multimillion-dollar lines of credit from hedge funds, as well as negotiated and completed many strategic partnerships, acquisitions, joint ventures,​ distribution,​ licensed and sponsored research agreements.


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